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“Our experience with Sharmayne was excellent, she helped us understand the process behind buying our first home very well. Something that stood out to ”


“Firstly, I want to thank Sharmayne for being such a professional person! Sharmayne should be training other realtors in how to make buying or selling ”


“From the minute we meet Sharmayne we new that we where going with her she has a great personality. She is very experienced in her industry she


“We would highly recommend Sharmayne for all your real estate needs. She was very quick to respond to all of our questions and was even a step ahead on”


“Sharmayne was attentive to my needs of the type of house I wanted. She was very patient and helped me throughout the house shopping process which took”

Mercy Maingi

“Sharmayne inspires confidence because she is a polished professional! From the moment I met her, I realized this woman was going to make this a great ”


“We are 1st time home buyers, Sharmayne help us a lot through out home buying process. Will definitely recommend her to friends and family. Finally we”


“My experience with Sharmayne Husbands is excellent, as a professional woman, and at the same time as a person caring to do her best to benefit of the ”


“She is responsive, knowledgeable and very helpful. She responded to our first call early in the morning and in the afternoon showed us 6 properties. W”


“Sharmayne is very friendly and professional. We appreciated her integrity in taking ownership when the process had its challenges. She offered quite a”